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Factory Air Suspension

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We also do

XPEL Film Installations

Undercoating & Rust Proofing

Remote Starters Installations

Xpel Ceramic coating Fusion Plus Paint and PPF

Truck Covers

Keep your truck protected from weather, debris and UV rays.

Tool Boxes

Secure, and weatherproof organization for your pickup truck.

Hitch balls

High capacity towing solutions.

Great addition for your truck.

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To provide the best service and prices to our clients. Supply and install all kinds of truck accessories and equipment fast and effectively according to client’s needs.

jay Fuhrman
jay Fuhrman
Good value
Walter Corcoran
Walter Corcoran
I highly recommend this shop. I purchased a tonneau cover from Truckcessories. Hector was great to deal with. Knowledgeable and helpful. I had an issue with the cover several years later, and even though I no longer live in Alberta, Hector handled the warranty claim. He had a new tonneau cover shipped to my door. It’s nice to see customer service still exists.
Jason Schultz
Jason Schultz
Their website and shop is top notch! I will be coming back for more work without a doubt, I even got a follow-up phone call. Something day that gets forgetten most often, but not here! Thank you for the work on my truck.
Neil LeNeveu
Neil LeNeveu
Hi! The technician was fantastic and did a fabulous job! My complaint is that I got charged twice for the install of the break controller. The break controller was installed in a poor location for me and my truck, so I had them move it. The owner said I was the only one that had an issue with the location, but it was dragging on my shins, and I felt I was a safety hazard. The technician did a great job fabricating a great location. I just wish I didn't get charged twice for the install. To respond: I did get charged twice! Once for the original install (I paid through a dealer) and then the second time to move it to a better location. I agree that I did get a "deal" on the second charge, but it is poor form to charge twice for an installation. If you pay someone to install a product, and you are not asked about the location, you can not be upset when you are asked to move it. This is business. If you are in a customer service business you need to ensure happy customers. And I assure you, being in a similar industry, I would not have charged for this. It is not difficult to please a customer. I was very happy untill the 2nd charge for the same install. So much so, I was preparing to bring my fleet of vehicles for work. After this, I could not be sure that I would not be overcharged for 20 vehicles. I would like to repeat though, the technician did a great job! I would have been back for more work had I not been overcharged. 2nd Responce; I was never given the option for the first location. Here I am being told that it was were it was supposed to go!?! He is telling me that having my seat in a comfortable location is my fault for the location they had CHOSEN. I never expected the install to be free. I already paid for it. The time dose not matter at this point. Install is install, not time based. Again, I would like to express that I would have been extremely happy with this had I not been overcharged. When I install something for a customer, I discuss the placement. If I do not and the customer wants to move it, I make sure I make the customer happy. I do not charge again for something that should have been done in the first place. I agree, I was only charged 175% for this install, not 200%. I tried for 150% because the technician deserves it, not his fault. I would have (and still did) tip the technician for the great work! I would like to thank the owner for the idea of the bed storage units for my fleet. I will find the product at another dealer. I would gladly pay a bit more the first time and not get charged twice.
Michael Read
Michael Read
Hector & Truckcessories installed an air suspension delete kit on my Ram 1500. The install went very smoothly and I was always in the know of what was going on. Very happy with the ride on the new coilovers. Much appreciated
Hector did what no one else could! Would happily call him again.
James Snell
James Snell
We've had a couple remote starters installed through this shop on our Toyotas and all's been great. They were also very helpful when one of our vehicles developed a problem that we incorrectly thought was related to our remote starter install. They politely took a close look, ruled-out the remote starter and helped us find the real culprit (which was something I had installed elsewhere). I'll be back!
Michael De Jong
Michael De Jong
Hector and Rob have been great to work with in finding me the right tonneau cover for my new Ford Lightning. Good friends had me referred to them and they were not wrong. I will be back for more accessories. Thanks guys
Diana Stewart
Diana Stewart
Fantastic selection, prices, and customer service! I've been going here for my "truckcessories" for years, and I always get high-quality products and high quality assistance from Hector. Even Jude gives it "two paws up"! 🐾

Quick Contact

What film do we use at Truckcessories?

The only film we use is Xpel Ultra. Xpel Ultra’s 0.5 Mil clear coat is applied over a 7.6 Mil polyurethane film with adhesive, making this film ultra glossy and practically invisible. This virtually flawless finish covers your vehicle with an ultimate layer of protection.

  • Protects from rock chips, road grime, tar, as well as acidic insect splatter and bird droppings.
  • Prevent rust and corrosion.
  • Will not yellow, fade, crack, shrink or peel, guaranteed!
  • 10 year warranty.
  • Self-healing technology makes light scratches and abrasions disappear.
  • High gloss topcoat creates a virtually invisible layer of protection.
  • Prevents the sun’s damaging UV rays from degrading your paint.
  • Extremely easy to maintain, simply requires a regular vehicle washing and waxing.
  • Keep your car looking as good as the day you bought it, increasing sales value!


What kind of Warranty do we offer ?
Truckcessories proudly offers a 10 yr warranty on all installs.

What packages do we offer?


This offers the minimum amount of protection. The Standard kit covers partial hood, partial fenders and mirrors. This wraps over the leading edge of the hood, protecting were most rocks hit.


The most common package sold in Alberta right now is our Deluxe package, this includes partial hood, fenders, mirrors and front bumper. The leading edges of the hood are wrapped.


This is the package for the true car enthusiast. Covering the full hood, full fenders, mirrors, headlights, fog lights, front bumper. The Hood is wrapped on all four edges and fenders are fully wrapped

2024 Truckcessories Price Guide

Standard kit – 18 Inch Hood, Fender, Mirror.$349.00
Standard kit – 24 Inch Hood, Fender, Mirror.$399.00
Intermediate kit – 24 Inch Hood, Fender, Mirror$449.00
Deluxe – 24 Inch Hood, Fender, Mirror, Bumper.$799.00
Supreme- Full Hood, Full Fender, B, M , HL$1,499.00
Bumper Only (Front or Rear)$399.00
Rear Cargo Lip$199.00
Pillar and 6″ Roof$199.00
Splash Area (Strip behind 4 wheels)$199.00
Rocker panels$499.00
Door cups Door cups (2 door)$149.00
Door cups (4 door)$199.00
Door Sills (2 door)$149.00
Door Sills (4 door)$199.00
Door edges (2 Door)$149.00
Door edges (4 Door)$199.00

Self-Healing Flim

Truckcessories uses only the best self-healing film on the market Ultra by Xpel.

All Edges Wrapped

We wrap the leading edges of every hood installation were most rocks hit.

Easy booking

Truckcessories is flexible and ready to work with your specific scheduling needs.

10 yr Warranty

All Truckcessories installs are guaranteed to never lift or yellow for life.  

Undercoating & Rust Proofing

Trucks, Cars, Vans and SUV´s Undercoating is $499 plus GST. Rust Proofing alone is $200 but if you do it with Undercoating, it is only $100 plus GST.

Remote Starters

Remote Starters, One Way $599 and Two Way $699 installed plus GST  (Most Vehicles). Diesel vehicles, Manual and European are not included, please call for a quote.

Ceramic Coating

Only $1,600 plus GST

Four-year warranty.

FUSION PLUS ™ bonds at the molecular level to seal and protect surfaces from environmental contaminants, harmful UV rays, and insect acids. FUSION PLUS also provides resistance to light scratches and fading. Its hydrophobic properties repel dirt and liquids, making surfaces easier to clean.

Developed to perform in a wide variety of surface types, FUSION PLUS Ceramic Coating offers unrivaled gloss, superior hydrophobic protection, and improved scratch resistance with a single application.

With just a single application, FUSION PLUS for Paint & PPF increases color depth, while its hydrophobic properties make cleaning even easier.

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